Our group is led by Professor Hamza Kurt .

Photonics is the science where information processing including the generation, transmission and detection is carried out by means of photons. Lasers and light emitting diodes are used for the generation of the light, modulators and filters process the data while propagating through dielectric waveguides and fiber optics. The journey ends up with the detection of photons by detectors. Photonics is an interdisciplinary field. The merge of photonics with the electronics is called opto-electronics. Similarly, acousto-optics is the interaction of the photons with the sound waves. Lasers find wide range of applications varying from life sciences to industrial applications. Nanophotonics, biophotonics, quantum optics and metamaterials are some examples of the disciplines dealing with the photonics research. We can see the role of the Photonics in different areas including communication, imaging, lighting, energy, displays, life sciences, and safety. The unique feature of the Photonics is the large capacity of the information processing at high speed.

Specific topics of interests include:
Manipulation of Photons
Slow light in photonic structures
Optical cloaking and invisibility
Zero-index media
Inverse design of nanophotonic structures
Efficient light detection in photonic structures
Graded index media
Photonic nanojets
Novel photonic crystal device designs
Optical interconnects and nanophotonic wires
Optical filters, DEMUX designs
Arrayed waveguides and optical power distributions
Transformation optics
Bio-inspired photonics
Specific beam generations (Bessel, Airy, Vortex, etc.)
One-way light propagation
Micro-ring resonators
Renewable solar energy
Concentrated solar energy
Photonic Crystal Cavity and Waveguide
Bloch surface modes
Optical Resonator

Kurt Research Group consists of research students, researchers, and scholars from different disciplines and background including electrical and electronics engineering, physics, applied physics.Our research works is supported by TUBITAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey), TUBA (Turkish Academy of Sciences) and NATO(North Atlantic Treaty Organization).