PUBLICATION LIST (Completed Theses)

PhD Degree Awarded

[1] Mirbek Turduev, Design, Implementation and Characterization of Inhomogeneous Photonic Crystal Medium, 2015

He is the first PhD awarded student from our department and graduated with 15 journal articles. Now Dr. Turduev is an assistant professor in TED University, Ankara.

MSc Degree Awarded With Thesis

[1] Kadir Üstün, Slow Light in Photonic Crystals, 2011

[2] Lokman Ayas, Photonic Crystal Waveguide for Slow Light and Biochemical Sensing, 2011

[3] Muhammet N. Erim, Photonic Crystal Surface Modes: Biosensing and Waveguide Applications, 2013

[4] Nur Erim, Modified Periodic Photonic Structures for Surface States and Mode Converters, 2013

[5] Döne Yılmaz, Functional Photonic Crystal Device Designs, 2013

[6] İbrahim H. Giden, Low Symmetry and Graded Index Photonic Crystals Analysis, 2013

[7] Bilgehan B. Öner, Inhomogeneous Photonic Media from Mode Converters to Optical Cloaking, 2015

[8] Melih G. Can, Annular Photonic Crystals and One-dimensional Random Photonic Structure, 2015